Practitioner Resources

Biopsychosocial Model

Our physiotherapists apply a bio-psycho-social model when assessing and treating our patients. One of our treatment tools is patient education, including education regarding pain. We believe that understanding pain is very important to assist them to manage their pain.

We have developed some information sheets regarding persistent pain for patients to help them understand this difficult concept. You can view them here, please contact the clinic if you would like a hard copy.

The goal of our approach is to consider that each person with a neuromusculoskeletal injury/condition is a mixture of:
  • patho-anatomy
  • movement dysfunction
  • psycho-social components
The role of assessment is to determine which of the factors are predominant in driving their pain. Therefore treatment can then be directed more specifically to the factors that most need to be addressed.

Treatment includes three components:

Techniques to relieve pain (albeit temporary)
  • manual therapy
  • modifying movement
  • dry needling
Exercise (individualised and related to pain and function)
  • reducing muscle tone
  • restoring movement range
  • improving postural control
  • strengthening & stabilizing
  • cardio fitness
  • identifying behaviors, posture, gait abnormality and activities that perpetuate pain.