CAM Boot or ASO Brace?

CAM Boot

A controlled ankle motion walking boot or CAM boot is prescribed for the treatment and stabilisation of severe sprains, foot or stable ankle fractures and, tendon or ligament tears in the ankle and foot. They are particularly useful in situations where ankle motion but not weight is to be limited. Although the Cam boot does not provide the same degree of immobility that an orthopaedic cast offers they have some advantages, being adjustable and easy to remove.

ASO Brace

The ankle stabilising Orthosis (ASO) is beneficial to provide some support following injury. In addition the ASO is helpful to prevent ankle sprains and injuries where a patient has some mild ankle weakness and/or instability following previous injury and wish to return to sport. The brace has a non-stretch adjustable straps that stabilise the ankle and hindfoot joint movements. It fits easily into any sports shoes or everyday shoes.

Some ankle and foot ligament sprains with or without a minor avulsion fracture can go straight into an ASO brace. This can provide good support for the ankle injury but not support to the same degree as a CAM boot. Generally in the situation where the patient can FWB without significant pain but the patient reports the ankle feels weak and unstable an ASO brace is preferable. Another advantage of using the ASO brace in this situation is that they can continue to use the brace as a support when initially returning to sporting activities.